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About the owner

Oh, hey there! I'm Erin Flint owner of Rogue Beauty llc in Lakewood! I've been licensed since 2015!

You wanna hear a love story, well, really a couple love stories? In 2014, my hubby talked me into going to cosmo school. While in school, I fell in love with cutting and coloring hair, and I still love doing a good cut (not so much color now). But makeup and intricate hairstyling always intrigued me! When I was younger, I religiously watched ANTM (America's next Top Model) but I never wanted to BE a model, I just wanted to be the one to make the models look pretty! So when I graduated cosmo school, I jumped right into doing photo shoots, like, literally the day after I graduated!

Fast forward a couple months. I was asked to assist on a wedding and said why not? When I left that wedding, I felt this spark (similar to the spark I felt the first time I kissed my aforementioned hubby), and that was the day that Rogue Beauty was conceived! I had found my calling! There is no feeling in the world like being a part of someone's big day, and I am honored and humbled with each and every wedding I get to be a part of! 

Not only is it my job to make sure that you're 100% happy on your special day, but its also my passion, no matter what that day or event is! 

 I can't wait to meet you!

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